Connection, reimagined.

Teleportivity creates connection solutions for the modern age of communication, blending the efficiency and scale of digital with the power of the personal touch.



Redefine what your intercom is capable of with a new level of accessibility, functionality and ease.

Video Concierge

No more staff shortages. No more unattended front desks. Just unparalleled service from anywhere to anywhere.


Whatever your requirements, support your staff and customers across thousands of access points with ease.

S3 Covered Geography

NM, CO, WY, MT, UT, OR, WA, ID, AK, NorCal, NorNV


Things You Need To Know About

FONECOM Outdoor Display

Meet the ultimate team player

Teleportivity solutions working in harmony offer an unparalleled level
support and access across every facility, floor, and entryway.

People you need to know

Adam Gottlieb

Founder & CEO/CTO

Sydney / San Francisco

David Borg

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Sydney / San Francisco

Mark Williams



Josh Cohen

VP Client Acquisition

Sydney / San Francisco

Jon Austin

Chief Creative Officer

New Zealand

Gordon Feller

VP of US Projects

San Francisco

Peter Savaris

Technical Support


Natasha Blackburn

VP Customer Success


Michael Dennis

US Advisor & Representative

San Francisco

Nati Harpaz

Advisory Board Member



Jonathan Songhorian

Smart Facility Account Executive