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Thousands of the world’s leading businesses trust Cloudvue for smart and secure video surveillance and access control.

With Reliability being a hot button on the forefront right now, customers would love to know that since 1999, we’ve uploaded over 52B minutes of video to the cloud without a single breach of privacy. That’s huge. At our peak, we were uploading more than YouTube.

How Cloudvue Works

Command an entire security system in one interface, on one map, and click on any camera or door worldwide.

It Starts with Security as a Service

Easily control cameras, grant access to doors, and set intelligent alerts with centrally managed software and cloud-connected hardware. An unlimited number of cameras and access control points can be added. Custom floor plan views, map views, and powerful dashboards keep data organized as operations scale. Cloudvue’s powerful search tools and accessibility transforms video surveillance footage from forensic data into actionable information. Organizations can choose to purchase new hardware up-front or through subscription options.

New devices are easy to add.

Cloud Video Surveillance

  • Use Your Existing Cameras – Move your existing cameras to the cloud with Cloudvue Gateways. 
  • Use New Cloud Cameras – Eliminate onsite servers and security network infrastructure with Cloudvue Cloud Cameras. 

Cloud Access Control

Remotely Manage Access – Leverage the convenience and cost-effectiveness of cloud access control.

  • On-network and off-network options available.   
  • Use legacy key cards, fobs or leverage mobile access control credentials.

Securely Store Data

  • On-Premise – Store data locally using a variety of cloud cameras or cloud gateways. 
  • Cloud – Cloud storage is available with a 4K resolution for up to 5 years.  
  • Hybrid – Hybrid storage options are also available. 

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Benefits of Selling Cloudvue

Simple to Sell

Cloudvue solutions are simple to demonstrate and simple to sell with easy price points and recurring revenue options.

Get Leads

We sell globally through our reseller partners and offer lead support.

Access Engineers

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Recurring Revenue and Stickier Customers

Create new recurring revenue opportunities for yourself and your company.

Things You Need To Know About

Cloudvue from Johnson Controls

Command an entire security system in one interface, on one map, and click on any camera or door worldwide.

One Cloud Platform

For Everything Security

Video Surveillance | Access Control | Powerful Intelligence

Access Control:

Control access to doors, gates, or anything  with a lock, across an entire organization – all from a browser

Access control and video surveillance – together at last.

Manage access at any time and unlock doors from anywhere while viewing and managing cameras in one browser. View live door activity and surveillance video from any access to your buildings. Quickly and securely assign and revoke credentials. Integrated two-factor authentication insures security.

More Affordable

Cloudvue moves expensive hardware and door controllers to the cloud, so even a small business with just a couple doors can afford remote access control.  

More Secure

Remove the security risk of lost or stolen key cards, fobs and physical keys. Securely, grant and revoke access. Set schedules to assign when and where people can unlock doors. Keep a searchable record that details when people access your buildings and properties. 

More Scalable

Cloudvue ioSmart access control solution can work in places without traditional network access such as remote gates, trailers, worksites, or sub stations. By leveraging the cloud, Bluetooth and mobile technology, people can simply use the Cloudvue access control app on their mobile device to unlock doors. 

More Options

Leverage existing investments and upgrade overtime. Cloudvue supports legacy key cards and fobs and offers on-network access control solutions. 

Explore access control solutions

Door Controllers

Elegantly simple and cost-effective door controllers for access control. Monitor real-time door activity with integrated video surveillance and intelligent alerts.

No Panels or Network

Connection Required

Learn how ioSmart mobile credentials solutions are used for simple, secure, and cost-effective access control.

Ready to Upgrade Your Security Solution But Unsure Where to Start?

Learn information about essential cloud security capabilities industry-wide and use Cloudvue’s buyer’s checklist to compare vendors.