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S3 REPs is the Low Voltage Technology industry’s premier manufacturers rep firm servicing the Rocky Mountains and West.

Our organization is a full-service sales and marketing agency that adds value through ethical, solution-based representation.

How is a Manufacturers Rep firm also a

Professional Services Company?

Professional Services Companies are typically thought of as Accountants, Lawyers or any service the typical Small to Mid-sized business would outsource rather than see value in having full-time internal employees.  At S3 we have customized our services to be those most beneficial and least likely to be full time employees for our Channel Sales Partners.  Thus enabling us to be more helpful, valuable and integrated with our partners.

Sales Support Services for Resellers

Services for Manufacturers


Here is What New

Hack Your Access Control With This $30 HID 125kHz Card Copier

Many access control systems that allow 125kHz cards can be easily hacked by a cheap $30 card copier.

VL FAQ Series What are the benefits of using VITALink over alternative circuit integrity methods

You asked, we answered! Learn about our VITALink circuit integrity products with our new FAQ series. In this video, we’ll answer “What are the benefits of using VITALink over alternative circuit integrity methods?”

Hot Mobile 2020 Listen to Your Key Towards Acoustics based Physical Key Inference 1

This is Scary.
Hackers can now clone your keys just by listening to them with a smartphone! Talk to your S3 Rep about SALTO BRASS KEY REPLACEMENT

Please Do Not Duplicate Attacking the Knox Box

This is Scarier
Watch this video of how an 18-year-old was able to hack a Knox Box.
Stay Calm and Call your S3 Rep immediately about SALTO BRASS KEY REPLACEMENT!

Meet Halo

Learn how the HALO IOT Smart Sensor will detect vape in bathrooms, locker rooms, and more. HALO Smart Sensor can monitor the air in your facility for quality, chemicals, temperature, and more!

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