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Talkaphone is the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of safety communications and mass notification products. Established in 1935, we proudly make our products in the United States, and our reliable and flexible communication systems are installed at facilities all around the world.

With our solutions, organizations can see what’s happening across their operations, make quick and confident decisions for decisive actions. Powered by our SymphiaTM portfolio of solutions, we help our customers orchestrate better outcomes to protect what matters most.

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From blue light towers and access control to Area of Rescue and personal safety solutions, we’ve answered the call for diverse and meaningful products that address communication needs as well as security integration. Our products can easily be integrated into existing systems and customized to meet the demands of any application or environment. Talkaphone’s entire line of high-performance, ADA-compliant communication systems integrates with wireless devices, CCTV, access control and other life-safety systems as part of a total security solution.

Our ability to provide superior performance, safety, value, and world-class solutions for every customer comes from our unique combination of product breadth and cutting-edge technology alliances. Let our dedicated and knowledgeable experts at Talkaphone help you develop a highly effective solution.

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