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LifeSafety Power has reinvented the category of power from static hardware device to networked solution that brings real-time data and intelligence to access control, fire, intrusion, CCTV and other connected components. Integrators and end-users know exactly how critical systems are performing, with analytics that capture a snapshot of the health and status of power at a single location or enterprise, significantly increasing uptime.


LifeSafety Power’s integrated, modular enclosures yield a lower total cost of own- ership and the ability to perform remote services and monitoring. From the award-winning Multi-Site Manager Enterprise™ to the prewired and ready-to-install UL/ULC ProWire™ Unified Power, LifeSafety Power is your partner for new managed services, labor Savings and increased profitability.


FlexPower’s advanced feature set is designed to provide greater product reliability, increased flexibility, shorter install time, a smaller service inventory, and an intelligent, economical solution to the problem of reliable system power

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NetLink® Advanced Power Monitoring

NetLink adds powerful remote monitoring and control capabilities to LSP power systems through an intuitive web browser interface.

• Increases power system ROI
 Maximizes system uptime
 Remote servicing saves on maintenance costs
 Remote scheduled battery testing
 Proactively sents system alerts through email or SNMP

 Complete visibility of field devices such as locks
 Predictive failure alerts through cycle count and current monitoring
 NLX Distributed Power Monitoring reduces network drops
 Share single network drop with Mercury LP controllers
 Strong Cybersecurity Protection


OneDrop allows a NetLink module to share a network connection with the access control panel, reducing installation and maintenance costs in network managed power solutions.

OneDrop is currently available for the Mercury LP Series of controllers.

MSM Enterprise

The MSM Enterprise is a software-based package that lets users gain real-time insights into critical information and data related to their networked power solutions, allowing proactive performance assessment through managed power services.

The MSM Enterprise lets system integrators and end users assess, manage, and monitor even the most complex campuses with multiple sites, from the internet and anywhere in the world.

The MSM Enterprise is available for free download as a fully functional demo for up to four systems. Licenses for 25 systems may be purchased and combined to provide the required number of systems. Additional licenses may be added at any time.

NetLink Integrations

LifeSafety Power’s managed power systems integrate with many popular access control brands.  Integration provides NetLink’s managed power features directly within the access manufacturer’s interface.  Contact your access panel manufacturer for more information or to request an integration not in the list below.

Access panel manufacturers looking to explore developing their own NetLink integration should  contact LSP for more information.


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