Social Marketing Service

1. S3 Reps has a vested interest in the success of our Reseller Partners. We want to help you increase your exposure, get more leads and close more sales.

2. S3 Reps has already invested in the resources to have effective marketing services. We have the latest in industry content and technology. We can apply that to help others recognize you as an industry leader.

3. Your Social Media Marketing helps to create your companies perceived value and expertise. We can tailor postings towards your target audience, customers, and vertical markets you focus on.

4. All postings have your company information, not ours. Your branding, your contact information, and linking to your social media pages or website.

5. You are in control. You have the ability to approve or hold any post. Nothing gets posted without your authorization.

Social Marketing Plans

Build strategies, build confidence, build your business.

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