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Mercury Notifications manufactures and sells n.FORM(R) Mass Notification Systems.

Access Control and Metal Key Replacement

*Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana, Northern California, Norther Nevada

Network Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Data Center Solutions

*Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Norther California, Northern Nevada and Hawaii

Halo IOT sensor with Vaping detection

View scan metal detector

AV Fusion Interrogation room recorder

*Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

U.S. manufacturer of Door Locks, Access Control, electronic locking devices, and much more.

*Colorado, Wyoming , Utah, Idaho and Montana


Complete power solutions. Integrated and customizable solutions for Access Control, Security, Fire and CCTV.

*Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, N- California, N-Nevada, New Mexico

Enviro Hardened video, data, and Ethernet communication & Solar products. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. Lifetime Warranty.

* Northern California and N-Nevada


Flexible. Durable. Adaptable.

For the first time in over 20 years, the industry has an innovative alternative to conventional Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA) 


Integrated healthcare communications solutions!

We always endeavor to develop, simplify, and improve the day-to-day work involved in healthcare.


Access Control, Intruder Detection, Building Automation. A Unified Solution to Monitor / Control security

*Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon


Military-grade “mm-wave” wireless solutions. Backhaul & P2MP. Fiberlike speeds – 10G.

*Ca-North, Colorado, Idaho, Nv-North, Hawaii, Wyoming, Montana and Utah


The leader in advanced Iris Biometrics Authentication technology

*Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah,  Idaho and N- California

Providing best of breed Emergency Notification Service and control.

*Ca-North,  Montana, New Mexico, Nv-North, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii,  Wyoming, Utah, Washington & Oregon

Testers fall into three distinct categories, data cable testers, network testers, and telecom/enterprise testers.

*New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and  Idaho

World-class perimeter security systems for sensitive sites

*Northern CA, Northern NV

Thousands of the world’s leading businesses trust Cloudvue for smart and secure video surveillance and access control.

I am the strong, silent type. I am vigilant and ready to respond. I am highly capable of working alone and even better as part of a team. Sometimes I’m deployed into harm’s way in order to keep others safe.

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