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Blue Eye combines the always-on nature of AI-enabled security cameras with human expertise. Choosing our solutions means your property will be watched tirelessly by advanced technology, with experienced professionals ready to react at a moment’s notice the instant trouble is detected. Best of all, we can provide remote perimeter protection through the CCTV cameras you already have installed throughout your facilities. You can set the protocols for what incidents warrant a response as well as how they should be handled. We give you the power to adapt your security measures to meet your individual needs.


Blue Eye provides you with a better security solution through real-time, remote video monitoring. Take your existing camera system and add the Blue Eye Security Solution to stop criminal acts before they happen.

Remote Guarding

At first glance, it appears there are two main approaches to securing your property. You can either choose to have security personnel on-site to patrol and monitor the grounds, or you can choose a video camera system. Guards provide an immediate response to incidents but can be expensive and only cover as much ground as you have manpower. Cameras cover more territory and are more cost-effective but offer only passive surveillance. There is another option, however, that combines the best of both thanks to advanced technology.

Apartment Surveillance Cameras & Security Solutions

As an apartment home building owner or a property manager, you have many responsibilities, but the safety and security of your tenants is paramount.

Any residential security system can be complicated, but apartment complex security problems, challenges, and multi-family residential security solutions tend to be exponential in their complexity.


Chemical Plant Security Solutions

While maintaining security at any industrial facility is essential, not all such facilities have the stringent government security standards applied to them that most chemical plants do.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations Act of 2007 gave the DHS the authority to regulate the nation’s highest-risk chemical facilities. 

Construction Site Remote Video Surveillance

Construction sites are some of the most appealing targets for thieves and vandals for a number of reasons. Often, there’s valuable equipment and materials left there overnight after crews have gone home. Because these jobsites tend to be in areas where there isn’t much infrastructure or foot traffic as of yet, there’s a much smaller chance of any illegal activity being discovered until it’s too late. This means builders and property owners can suffer heavy losses from theft as well as damage and risk to worker safety caused by vandalism.

Warehouse Video Surveillance

Warehouses are tempting targets: Big spaces containing valuable inventory, they’re often left with little or no staffing during nonoperational hours.

That’s why warehouse video surveillance is essential, especially after hours. Modern warehouse surveillance systems can protect your products from theft and prevent potentially unsafe conditions from arising due to vandalism or other types of property damage.


Manufacturing Security Solutions

Industrial and manufacturing facilities may not be subject to the same types of crimes that occur in apartment complexes or even retail outlets and shopping malls, but the prevention of theft and even sabotage, as well as thesafety of employees, requires reliable security.

The most fundamental security system is far superior to having no security apparatus at all, but industrial facility security issues often mean that something beyond locked doors and windows is needed.

Self-Storage Facility Security

Self-Storage Facility building, ownership, and management, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Although owners and their facility managers have several responsibilities at a self-storage facility, the safety, and security of their tenant’s property is their biggest challenge.

Dispensary Security Solutions

Every business needs security and some industries require more robust security measures than others.

The very nature of the cannabis industry dictates that dispensary security solutions are not only absolutely necessary but are also required by state and local agencies for the purposes of obtaining a license to operate in a given location.

As anyone in the industry knows, cannabis possession and use are still illegal under federal laws. However, licensing and operating regulations for those states that have deemed them to be legal in their jurisdiction are handled on a state-by-state basis.


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As a live video monitoring company, we use cutting-edge AI software to detect potential threats in seconds. It then alerts our highly trained remote guards to react, in real-time, to deter potential crimes. We could talk about all the great technology behind the scenes, but the video tells the story better. Check out the video to see how our commercial security monitoring works.

Dealing with drunk people can be difficult. This person walked into this multifamily parking garage late at night to find a spot to keep drinking. Our Video Surveillance Technician caught him and called him out, so he left the property to find another place. We add Ami to your already existing camera system to apply cutting-edge AI software that actively “watches” your property for any breaches in your virtual perimeter. If a breach does happen it sends an alert to one of our Video Surveillance Technician (VST) that then acts as a remote security guard.

When someone wants to cause damage to your property, they aren’t going to stop just because the area is well lit and they see a camera. Our Video Surveillance Technician quickly engaged this trespasser who is trying to break into a self-storage facility in the middle of the night. The VST used the 120 dB speaker to send an aggressive audio message to the trespasser and threaten to call the police on them. She then began to call the local police in case the individual did not leave the property. Because criminals hate to know that someone is actually watching the cameras, this individual left quickly after hearing the audio message, and the police were not needed.

Have you ever had a problem with criminals jumping on fences and trying to break into your property? Most businesses are exposed to and have a big possibility for these criminals to break into properties by simply jumping over a security fence or gate. Blue Eye offers you self-storage security solutions with remote video surveillance to keep your business protected. We add Ami to your already existing camera system to apply cutting-edge AI software that actively “watches” your property for any breaches in your virtual perimeter.

Criminals can be creative when they want something, and come up with about a million ways to try to break into your property. This person was seen outside of this apartment building late at night trying to get in using a screwdriver in the door lock. Our VST caught him right away and prevented him from entering the property, keeping all residents safe.