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With its patented, tightly-wrapped stainless steel coil combined with Kevlar®, TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable provides unrivalled strength and resilience. Its unmatched armored bend radius delivers superior flexibility. Reliable, scalable and sustainable, TiniFiber® can meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. Jackets are available for riser, plenum, indoor, outdoor, LSZH, direct burial, industrial and harsh environments. TiniFiber® patch cords can be adapted to accommodate all lengths for standard or custom projects.


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With the smallest Outer Diameter of any armored fiber optic cable, TiniFiber® can be easily pulled through the tightest, curviest, and most congested pathways for significant time and labor savings. It’s ideal for aerial, underground, and powered applications including reclamation of conduit. Its small size, light weight and flexibility deliver outstanding savings in installation time, labor, shipping and warehousing costs.

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For the first time in over 20 years, the industry has an innovative alternative to conventional Aluminum Interlock Armor (AIA) – TiniFiber®. This 65% smaller, 75% lighter fiber optic cable gets its superior durability, flexibility and adaptability from its patented Micro Armor stainless steel coil, which is designed to protect the glass strands and bend radius.

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TiniFiber® Micro Armor Fiber™ Optic Cable

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