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For nearly two decades PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the professional A/V industry. Founded in 2002, the company has a long list of industry firsts, leveraging their extensive R&D activities to bring to their integrator and designer partners the latest in cutting edge features and functionality.


PureLink offers state-of-the-art A/V products and services for all types of infrastructures and levels of criticality. Our Media Axis™, PureMedia™, HDTools™, PureStream™, and TotalWire™ brands enable system configuration within any design platform or infrastructure.


Media Axis is the world’s first large-scale matrix switching and signal extension system supporting UHD/4K60 via both Native and IP architectures. With its dynamic, proprietary design features and technologies, Media Axis provides a truly adaptive solution that works where and how you need it.


PureMedia offers a complete, truly modular signal distribution system – proven to work and fully expandable from 8×8 to 256×256 and more. From video conferencing to digital signage and command centers, PureMedia distributes the highest quality media and data signals in real-time, every time.


PureStream A/V over IP and total signage solutions offer software/hardware bundles for media playback and signal distribution over the network for a wide range of applications including business, banking, education, retail, and much more.


HDTools integrated matrix switchers, modular and rack-mountable extender pairs, format converters, testing devices, and more complement a wide variety of PureLink solutions and can be utilized to complete an installation or to offer additional functionality to an individual system.


TotalWire embodies PureLink’s proprietary transport standards, protocols, and cables for each Ultra HD video connectivity platform utilized in our solutions – currently 3G/HD-SDI, CATx (HDBaseT), DVI, HDMI, and Fiber.

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What’s New

We know it’s not just about the solutions we create. We’re here to make that technology work when, where, and how you want it to. Some of the latest news can be found here.  

PureLink Celebrates 4 Years as the Leader in AV Network Switches

PureLink celebrates 4 years as the pioneer and leader in AV over IP purpose-built network switches. PureLink introduced the world’s first AV over IP 1G and 10G network switches in 2016, with successful deployments in mission-critical applications.

PureLink Introduces a Feature-Packed High-Performance Broadcast Switch

The BS-6000 is a 6×1 Full HD Broadcast Switch with Camera Control and Recording. This feature-packed high-performance broadcast switch features chroma/luma key, PTZ camera control, on board recording, and on board media playback.

PureLink Offers an Indispensable Solution for All Production and Broadcast Applications

The BS-601 is a full HD, 6×1 broadcast switcher. This compact yet high-performance broadcast switcher features (2) HDMI inputs, (4) 3G-SDI inputs, additional audio inputs and outputs, multiview monitoring output, picture-in-picture, and HDMI/3G-SDI program output. The BS-601 also supports special effect transitions such as mix, fade, and cut.

Things You Need To Know About

Media Axis

The Purebred 21st Century Matrix

Media Axis is the world’s first large-scale matrix and extension system supporting UltraHD/4K60 4:4:4 via Native and IP architectures. Media Axis is fully modular and scalable with field upgradeable and hot-swappable components. Media Axis offers HDMI, HDBaseT, Fiber, 12G-SDI, and IP I/O Cards and frame sizes ranging from 20×20 to 216×216. Learn more at

Simplify A/V Over IP with

PureStream VIP & VPX

PureLink’s PureStream VIP and VPX line of products offer 360 degrees of Solutions & Support for its A/V over IP offerings including Education, Design & Installation services (including pre-configuration and system QA), Hardware for almost any application, and Management through our advanced software tools. PureStream VIP & VPX is the industry’s most scalable and easy to use A/V over IP distribution solution.

ECOH Plus Wireless Collaboration

Hub Live Demonstration

Get a live look at the ECOH Plus, one of our wireless collaboration products. Watch how quick and easy the ECOH Plus is to use as we demonstrate how to set up and wirelessly connect devices.

Don’t Blink Seamless Switching

vs Non-Seamless Switching

Don’t Blink or you’ll miss the switch! Watch us demonstrate our Don’t Blink Seamless Switching Technology. Whether you are installing in an ESports venue, conference room, or broadcast studio, our seamless switchers are purpose-built with your project in mind. To find out more about our products and free design services click learn more.

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