About us

Since 1980, PROTECH has been designing, manufacturing and marketing perimeter intrusion detection systems to protect personnel, property and assets at sensitive sites. We manufacture systems that give early warning of potential threats at the perimeter, for example, detecting an intruder before they are able to access a building or facility.

Unmatched Innovation



Thanks to continuous innovation and a commitment to growth, PROTECH and its sister companies offer the most comprehensive and innovative product range in the perimeter security market.

PROTECH is the only manufacturer in the market to offer solar-powered and wireless perimeter security solutions that are essentially infrastructure-free.

PROTECH was the first and remains the only manufacturer in the world to develop a dual technology motion sensor (Piramid). This product built the foundation for the company over 30+ years ago and now PROTECH is among the leaders in complete physical security solutions.

Solar-powered IR technology that outperforms others even the most extreme conditions

Flexibility to adapt with customization

PROTECH’s strength lies in its flexibility to adapt to all possible customer applications through the design of custom products to meet the most stringent requirements.

Because our products are manufactured or assembled in the USA, we are quick to respond – whether it be service, training or support.

Production and quality control (ISO 9001 certification since 1999) have guaranteed the reliability of PROTECH’s products for over 30 years.