The Disaster Incident Report and Security (DIR-S) System is a software application customizable to allow for you to manage your emergencies and give you the maximum amount of time to respond and communicate in real time with those that will help.

Simple, complete, effective, and efficient. The best solution for true emergency management. Whether you are in an incident or responding to an emergency, DIR-S allows you to notify, communicate and respond on any device. Responders can manage multiple emergencies on any device and those in the incident can have a powerful solution to get the right information at the right time to get help and stay safe. Scoped alerts allows for the right people to get notified all the time.

Halo Smart Sensor

*Vape Detector

*Gunshot Detector

*Duress Key-Words

*Chemical Detection

*Much More

•No radiation emitted.
•Detects disturbances in the earth’s natural magnetic field.
•Can detect risk items made of iron or steel of any size.
Risk items concealed in the body or in belongings can be detected

Providing best of breed Emergency Notification Service and control, StaffAlerter is the only solution you need.

PropStop is easily deployed via attachment to the facility’s Wi-Fi network. The battery-powered PropStop is designed to last year’s monitoring your facility. PropStop also reports the condition of the battery to notify you when it needs to be replaced.