S3 Reps
S3 Reps
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Professional Services

Sales Support Services for Integrators

We offer sales training for a variety of experience levels.

We are happy to discuss these training classes and customize if necessary.

Remote Demonstrations and Presentations

Coordinate with us to create and present remote webinars for your sales team.  We can give product demonstrations or build a complete targeted presentation for specific customers or vertical markets.  Add our sales team to yours for a better experience for your customers.

Discuss How We Can Support You

Train Your Sales People


We offer a training class for new industry professionals designed to:

  • Introduce concepts of technology and define product categories
  • Familiarize with current features, understand high levels of system design
  • Discuss Channel Sales, introduce lead generation and prospecting as well as review sales presentations
Course Outline
Continuing Learner Sales Training

Industry professionals who are ready to take that next step by:

  • Learning More about  technology, understanding application
  • Doing mock system design and B.O.M. creation for full systems
  • Full sales presentations with interactive questions designed to understand the needs of the customer and applying in the design
Course Outline
Training for Skilled Professionals

Product and Factory Training and Certifications and applying those to customer applications:

  • Product by Product as Well as Manufacturer specific Training
  • In depth product knowledge and how to use that knowledge for better system design
  • Learning customer needs and applying specific product knowledge to give the best system deigns with budget consideration
Course Outline