S3 Reps
S3 Reps
Strategic Sales Solutions

Professional Services

Professional Services from S3 are meant to augment the business of professional Systems Integrators.  We have developed some areas of expertise around the core

business of a Systems Integrator, enabling you to focus more on what you do best and outsource key components of your business that make sense.  These services allow

our System Integrator partners to have high level team members on demand but not the financial burden of developing this expertise in-house.

S3 Professional Services Division

Sales ServicesSales Training, Remote Demonstrations, Remote Presentations, Lead Generation Improve your sales efforts
 Marketing ServicesCustom Marketing Materials, Emails, PDFs, Social Media Channels, Web Site, Updates, Content CreationBuild your companies brand, get more customers
 Technical ServicesJob Walks, System Design, Product Training, Drawings, SubmittalsUse  us to support your own design services
 Training ServicesIndustry Training, Product Training, Accredited Training Courses, Certified Training's, CEU ClassesKeep learning, Improve your knowledge, get certifications that show your commitment
 Logistics ServicesKitting, Warehousing, Testing and Configuration, StagingHelp to support your customers needs